The following projects were lead by Nik Reed, but not all are Nest affiliated. As our lead associate, we wanted a space to showcase his talents.

Southern Alberta Alpine Meteorological Monitoring Station - SAAMMS

The SAAMMS project, is a network of meteorological towers installed in the remote Alpine throughout South West Alberta as a part of the Government of Alberta’s Headwater Inventory Initiative. Using remote sensing data and GIS Nik determined four strategic locations for monitoring meteorological variables such as wind speed and direction, snow depth, precipitation, SWE, solar radiation. temperature and humidity. Each tower provided point to point RF telemetry to relay the information back to a central data server located at a local Ski Hill.

Light Emitting Diode Distance and Ranging

 LeddarTech, a startup out of Quebec had developed technology for detecting vehicles in an intersection. Nik determined this technology could be used in part to determine snow depth and characterize snow pack topology. After being successfully awarded two NSERC Engage awards, Nik engineered and developed a hardware and software package that not only met his initial objective, but further developed the technology to measure river depth and turbidity. This project produced two papers, a poster presentation and honorable presentation at the Environmental Measurement Symposium in DC. There have been three published snow pack studies that successfully used the technology.

Line Array Power Distibution

From inception, requirements gathering, through to prototype this unique “Power distro” meets the strict requirements for powering 96 high power line arrays cabinets. It includes several convenience ports and a networked power monitoring interface accessible from the unit or network connected laptop.

Two versions were built to support  North American and European Union power requirements and are now in full production and being used across the globe.

MICRyptO Low Power Compute Cluster

Using hundreds of Single Board Computers, Nik created a Solar Powered Compute Cluster designed to mine proof of work cryptocurrency mining. The cluster dynamically optimized its compute resources to maximize profitability and mine-ability.

Multi-channel MRI Data Processing Pipeline

As apart of a 1 year contract at the Canadian Center for Behavioral Neuroscience, Nik developed a data pipe line for processing multi-channel brain scans.

Rodent Brain MRI Imaging Coil

As apart of a 1 year contract at the Canadian Center for Behavioral Neuroscience, Nik developed a Rodent Brain Imaging Coil.

Flurotech Interferometer

Flurotech developed an Interferometer that measured the fluorescence emitted by different assays. Nik was in charge of developing the firmware as well as manage the development and product lifecycle of the User Interface Software. Nik was instrumental in taking this prototype to market.

Machine Learning Snow Melt Prediction

Details Coming Soon

Snow Pack and Terrain Mapping of Castle Mountain, AB using Airborne and Terrestrial Lidar

Details Coming Soon

Recommendation Engine For Similar Bug Reports

Using machine learning and Data mining techniques, Nik developed a software tool that takes an incoming bug report and rapidly compares it to a given bug repository or set of bug repositories returning a list of similar bug reports. The idea is that previously solved bugs provide insight into unsolved bugs.

Wavelet GPR Data Processing Pipeline

Ground Penetrating Radar is a method used to collect sub-terrain data. The images the data produces are often difficult to dissect and analyze. Nik developed a method using wavelets and curvelets to extract the parabolic reflections for analysis.

AI Plant Health Monitoring

It is well known that plant health can be determined through their visual and infrared spectral signatures. Nik developed an AI framework for monitoring the spectral signatures of a plant or group of plants, to detect changes in plant health in real time time. 

FLIR Glacial Mass Balance Monitoring System

Using an OEM microbolometer, Nik developed a ruggedized in-situ system for monitoring glacial recession and detecting interstitial ice. The device is currently located a Peyto Glacier in Banff National Park.

Airborne Infrared Image Stitching Routine

A data pipeline for stitching Aerial infrared images taken over Scotty Creek, NWT. The image matrix was loaded into GIS to create a spatial IR image for integration into a water inventory framework created by the Government of Canada.

Mobile Terrestrial Lidar Scanner

The government of Alberta required a method for collecting terrestrial Lidar data in mountainous environments. Using a John Deer UTV, Nik integrated GNSS, terrestrial Lidar scanner and rotary encoder creating an all-terrain scanning vehicle. The vehicle was used as apart of their forest inventory project.

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