Southern Alberta Alpine Meteorological Monitoring Station - SAAMMS

The SAAMMS project, is a network of meteorological towers installed in the remote Alpine throughout South West Alberta as a part of the Government of Alberta’s Headwater Inventory Initiative. Using remote sensing data and GIS Nik determined four strategic locations for monitoring meteorological variables such as wind speed and direction, snow depth, precipitation, SWE, solar radiation. temperature and humidity. Each tower provided point to point RF telemetry to relay the information back to a central data server located at a local Ski Hill.

Light Emitting Diode Distance and Ranging

 LeddarTech, a startup out of Quebec had developed technology for detecting vehicles in an intersection. Nik determined this technology could be used in part to determine snow depth and characterize snow pack topology. After being successfully awarded two NSERC Engage awards, Nik was able to engineer and develop a hardware and software package that not only met his initial objective, but further developed the technology to measure river depth and turbidity. This project produced two papers, a poster presentation and honorable presentation at the Environmental Measurement Symposium in DC. There have been three published snow pack studies that successfully used the technology.


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