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 Nik Reed MSc.

Technology Expert

Nik Reed, is our Senior Management Consultant, Product Manager and resident Technology Expert. 
He was born and raised in Victoria, BC. He spent his early years in the construction industry and Music Industry, moonlighting at a variety of pubs, nightclubs and events. After moving to Calgary in his early 20s, he completed a Bachelor of Science with Honours (and later an MSc) at the University of Lethbridge, during which he received multiple scholarships and grants including NSERC ENGAGE and the AMATHYST Scholarship. He continued to work for the University as a lab manager and research assistant developing hardware and software for applications in both environmental and remote sensing . This opportunity afforded Nik a chance to partner with some of the most talented individuals and companies on the cutting edge of technology. He has published several papers both as lead and co-authour, and presented his work at prestigious international conferences such as The International Environmental Measurement Symposium. Although he left academia after he completed a Masters in Computer Science he continues to be involved in academic research continuing to contribute to the body of scientific knowledge.
When Nik isn’t at the office he is either braving the elements in the backcountry, deep sea diving, building new inventions or creating music. His passion and thirst for life is unfounded and we are honored to have him.

Ron Lastwika

Mentorship and Advisory Committee

Ron Lastwika– Business Development and Finance

Robert Dennard – Business Development

Jason Ho – Software Development

Dr. Trevor MacMillan – GMP, research and compliance